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- Naveen Reddy

        I'm Naveen Reddy.I am from Hindu background.It was 2 years ago, I realised the truth that I am the child of God.
        I faced lot of struggles during my childhood and teenage. I stood mandal 2nd in my 10th class and got selected to IIIT, which was a great opportunity to fulfil my dreams about my career. While I was in my 1st year B.Tech, in IIIT I fell sick and had to stop my education all of a sudden as I had unbearable pains in my joints. At that time I don't know anything about the Lord.
        One day when all my friends went to class I was there alone in my room and I cried aloud as I was about to loose my bright career because of my illness. There was a Bible in the room and I heard a voice that said "Don't worry! I am there with you, it's my will that this is happening like this to you". At that time I don't know anything what that meant but I had taken a decision to stop my education. I was in a depressed state for a quite long time.
        One day in a dream God appeared to me and asked me to come near to Him and He was telling something to me. I suddenly woke up and found no one. I was wondering what it meant.
        I called one of my uncle who is a follower of Jesus. As he shared the love of Jesus I kept faith in the Lord and for the first time in my life I stepped into a church on Dec 6th, 2013. On Christmas day Pastor Prasad sir prayed for me there, and I turned my steps into God's way. During this one year God has done so many miracles in my life. I was selected for staff selection commission and posted in the Navy at Visakhapatnam. Today I have a Central Govt job, my health is good and now with God's blessings I am being lifted high in all aspects of my life.
        Submit your life to God, and whatever may happen to you God will turn everything for good in your life.I wish everybody realise the truth that they are the children of God.
        Praise the Lord!