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- Sakinya

        I am Sakinya Palakurty, studying B.D.S. at Bhimavaram. I come from a Hindu family and never heard about Jesus Christ. While I was in my sixth grade, one day my mom took me to prayer in my relative's house. A group of 5-6 people were sitting there, while one of them was talking something which I could not understand. Though I did not understand what was it all about I used to go there regularly along with my mom.
        After a few months, one night my dad had severe seizure attack due to high blood pressure. That late night we tried to contact doctors but it's of no use. My mom suddenly got the idea of calling our church pastor and in no time he came and prayed for my dad. Later he took my dad to the hospital and the doctors were alarmed to see the medical reports which showed abnormal figures but the patient still surviving. This incident had a profound impact on my mind and I began to think about God seriously.
I began to attend the Church regularly and started reading bible on my own. As I read the bible I realised the truth that Jesus died for me and I was convicted by the Spirit of God that I was a sinner. Later I was baptised on 27th March,'09. Since then my Lord is guiding me in my career and taking care of everything in my life.