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- Samuel

        I am Samuel Cherukuri. I am from Kakinada. Born into a Christian family (pastors family more precisely) and schooled in a convent, one would obviously expect me to turn out to be a Christian. But the thing was that all the way long I heard many sermons but never really listened. Until 2007 my life was a mess. Academically I wasn’t a 'bright' student- though I liked to be called as one (obviously for the wrong reason of gaining fame for myself). And spiritually I was so far away from my saviour. I was straying far and far away year by year. I didn’t like to be called by my Christian name Samuel. I was known to every one as Manoj (my 2nd name).
        Amidst all such mess, in 2007, the Lord saved me. He knew that I would look at all the religious books with the same familiar 'religious eye'. So in an amazing way he spoke to me through a literature book which had a lesson written by a loyal servant of the Lord. After I confessed all my sins and asked his forgiveness for my iniquities I got baptised on July 1st 2007.
        Of course to be frank my life didn't change in a split second nor did I become completely free from my struggles. But the Lord was faithful despite my faithlessness. He continued sculpting His likeness in me. Because of His favour I was able to clear my tenth class exams with 87% in the CBSE board. Then came the gigantic task of intermediate and competitive exams. I could only submit myself into his faithful arms and continue working as hard as I can. Those dreadful 2 years passed by (of course I'm skipping the part of many failures, hopelessness, tearful nights etc. etc…).
        Awaiting the EAMCET results I knew that the Lord would fulfil His promise made to my parents nearly 7 years ago (which was hilarious and unbelievable back then). Proving Himself true and faithful the Lord gave me a medical seat in the first attempt. Although not as I expected, I got a seat in NRI Medical college. I learned an awful lot there which wouldn’t be possible according to my plans. Looking back now I realise how marvellously the Lord has planned my life even before I knew Him.
        I am the Lord's work in progress. And I know that He would write the rest of this testimony more interestingly from now on if I submit myself completely into His hands ….waiting upon Him …