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- Sri Lakshmi

My name is Sri Lakshmi. I am a skin doctor. My husband is also a doctor. We have two children, a daughter, 10 yrs. old and a son of 8 yrs. Both of them have suffered from fevers for year and a half. Every time they had a fever, we would go for routine blood tests which showed nothing wrong. Fevers recurred time and again. Then in addition to blood tests they underwent X-rays, ultrasound examination. Even those revealed nothing.
        Each time we changed the treatment. Each episode of fever lasted for 10 to 15 days. Our children became very weak. I and my husband became very depressed and issued high profile investigations for blood cancers, T.B, and other rare diseases at Ranbaxy lab, Mumbai. They even underwent MRI scan which detected no abnormality. Then I started praying with so much agony regarding these frequent fevers asking God to heal my children.
        Meanwhile I was mentally preparing for my salvation. God shined his light on me. He gave me repentance, washed my sins away and saved my soul. I was baptised a year ago. And from that time my children suffered no more from fevers. They gained weight and are healthy now. When I was facing these problems I asked our pastor to pray for my children personally. Pastor Prasad garu and the church prayed for my children. I am very much thankful to them.
        Being doctors, I and my husband were unable to cure them in spite of our best efforts. But God Almighty showed his abundant grace to us and has healed our children miraculously. God can do anything beyond our capabilities, limitations and expectations. I believe that these things happened for God’s Glory.
        Praise the Lord. Thank you.